Attentive to the necessity to respond to financial and credit risk operational challenges and intent on offering a few outstanding, exacting clients the best-of-breed technology, implementation and consulting services, Moody’s Analytics and CRAFT IT initiated a partnership to formulate bespoken solutions globally.

As great strength lies in unity, we joined forces to design and produce an end-to-end user-oriented solution that seamlessly interweaves domain knowledge, tools and execution capabilities crossing finance, credit risk and operations throughout the life cycle of the credit. For this purpose, the partners use a sophisticated, highly personalised modus operandi.

Henceforth, via a completely integrated environment, clients can directly liaise with CRAFT IT with all their desiderata whilst taking advantage of the official support of Moody’s official endorsement as well as the latter’s Client Service team.

For more than a decade, CRAFT IT has accumulated the artistry of Moody’s Analytics banking solutions. From now on, the learned, fully-fledged novitiates stand ready to provide business, functional and technical implementations along with FACT platform and Saas/OnPrem hosting support services. CRAFT IT now accommodates its clients’ most singular and delicate requests and demands.

Delving from the time immemorial tradition of craftsmanship, the CRAFT IT team embraces former FACT Team Professionals who painstakingly garnered proficiency in their prior roles at Moody’s Analytics, BVD and other consulting firms and whose sole aspiration consists in proposing fully integrated services.

The intricate FACT solution is perfectly adjustable to fit the client. All around the globe, financial institutions and corporations rely on the supple FACT Framework tailored to their requirements. Indeed, the Fact Framework can easily be amalgamated into an existing process whilst aggregating spreading a financial analysis, risk rating, loan origination and approving workflow processes. Simultaneously, limit and exposure management and covenant monitoring are equally proposed and accessible.

With the proviso of a consistent, auditable credit and rating processes, the FACT Framework will give your company the means to act in concordance with the Basel III Minimum Capital Requirements.

Experience is a jewel often purchased at an infinite rate. And this experience is the loom on which we spent ten years weaving the rich fabric of solutions with Moody’s to be able to dispense optimum solutions today.

Moody’s Analytics CreditLens platform enables financial entities to make informed corporate loan decisions swiftly and skilfully. CreditLens’ leading-edge technology permits consistent spreading powering advanced analytics, as well as the potential to compare and benchmark portfolios for augmented risk assessment.

The CreditLens solution streamlines and harmonises the compilation, analysis and storing of credit data, thus providing the basis for robust credit origination and decisioning framework. The configurable and accessible software hinges on a state-of-the-art, fool proof interface.

Vis unita fortior… Force united is stronger. Moody’s Analytics Global Partner initiative was devised to encourage and uphold alliances to attain collective prosperity and achievements. The comprehensive undertaking involves consultancies and system integrators capable of conveying Moody’s award-winning techniques to clients to tackle critical financial risk management problems.

Endorsed by Moody’s Analytics PartnerAlliance programme as a global Prime FACT and Banking Solutions Partner, CRAFT IT is delighted to build a pole of excellence encompassing Moody’s solutions on a worldwide scale.